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Horse Racing

Horse racing is often referred to as one of the most exciting and ancient sports in the world. Spectators, trainers and athletes describe that horse racing provides an adrenaline rush unlike any other sport. Training racehorses requires patience, skills and a timing system that you can always rely on. MYLAPS Sports Timing's latest innovation is the world's most accurate timing device especially designed for horse racing and training.

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Timing system for training and racing tracks

High speed accuracy    ✔ High detection fields and reliability    ProChip Plus Go

Timekeeping at horse race events is a huge challenge. Race horses can reach speeds of up to 75km/h and the stakes of determining the right winner are very high.

With these challenging conditions, events, clubs and timers simply need a system on which they can rely at all times.

The ProChip Plus Go provides high-speed accuracy up to 75km/h and reliability even in the noisiest race and training.

Timing System

Our MYLAPS timing system for training and racing tracks is the ProChip Plus Go System. With ProChip Plus Go you have different setup options for horse racing with the highest quality read rates and accuracy in the industry.

All X2 components are connected to the X2 server. This center piece is the connection to the X2 Cloud and controls the entire system. The X2 Utility can be used to control the X2 server.

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The X2 ProChip Decoder is a small, lightweight and affordable timing device to be installed in the timing booth on the track. The decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops and sends this data to the server.

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Specifically designed for training & racing horses. This device boosts the loop signal so the ProChip Plus Go transponders can be always detected.

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The ProChip Plus Go is a lightweight transponder that sends out a unique signal to the ProChip system that is embedded in the track. This is how each participant is identified the exact time at which they pass the start, finish, and intermediate timelines are recorded.

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The detection loop emits an activation signal to activate the ProChip transponder and acts as the system antenna for receiving all ProChip signals. The detection loop is embedded at the start/finish line and intermediate timing points are installed on the course.


With the software, you can follow the progress of your athletes on the track and adjust the training based on their performance. Monitor progress, set up training sessions, and easily export results.

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Training Software

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The CoachTIMING software brings your training to the next level! With this easy-to-use software you can configure your complete training upfront but also adjust the set-up on the spot within a minute. Different training sets can be configured for different horses and easily started on the computer or remote on an iPad. Watch your horses breezing on the track while you capture their times automatically on your iPad. Training results can be analysed directly after the training and exported to an external database.


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If you are timing a horse race with much at stake, you always want the best equipment. We provide you with the best systems out there. Consult us about what solution suits your situation best and check the customer stories or the system specifics.


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