New X2 Server Firmware v4.4 available

We are happy to announce that the new X2 Firmware 4.4 is now available.


Do you use the MYLAPS X2 Server? Then please make sure to download the new firmware 4.4.

Click below to download and upgrade your X2 Server to firmware 4.4.

Download now


What’s new in version 4.4?

  • Time zone issue fixed. Ensures that the X2 Server displays the correct local time once a passing occurs.
  • X2 Link now only supports channelset one (current regulatory compliance)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

For a complete list of all the changes please see the changelogs for Pro Servers or for Club Servers.

How do I update my Firmware?
For instructions on how to update the X2 Server Firmware see the manual below.

Are you running a firmware version 3.x of the X2 Server?

X2 Manager
Make sure to update your X2 Manager to the latest version 4.4 for optimal performance with the X2 Server.

Update to X2 Manager version 4.4