Introducing X2 Link: Live tracking & Live results

We are proud to announce the introduction of X2 Link, the brand new wireless 2-way live data stream between timer, race control and racers.

With this concept drivers benefit from live results on their on-board displays, whereas timers and race control are able to track live positions of the vehicles.

X2 Link is now available, so get ready for the season!

Live race data for all racing levels

X2 Link is an add-on to the existing X2 timing and data system. With this system we fully empower the goal to enhance track safety and to increase race experience for racers, pit crew and spectators. The benefits of X2 Link will be available for all racing levels and will be further improved for events, timers, racers, pit crew and spectators. Think of possibilities for race control to manage marshalling lights alongside the track and send in-car flag signals to racers directly.

X2 Tracking: Improved safety & race control

Want to improve track safety and race control? With the X2 Tracking functionality the GPS positions of all vehicles (equipped with the RaceLink) are visible in a desktop application for timekeepers and race control. This allows race control to watch and replay the positions of all vehicles and improve regulation decisions. X2 Tracking also helps to find unrelated transponders, offers essential input for announcement information and makes it possible to show the live positions of the vehicles on big screens and in the MYLAPS Speedhive app.

X2 Results: Real-time data on racer’s displays

Offer a unique race experience to all drivers on the track! With dedicated X2 Link components installed at the track and on the racer’s vehicles, it’s possible to send and receive live race data. Dependable on the race type (qualification or race) the drivers receive the most relevant data:

– Official lap times (based on transponder passings)
– Position in race
– Gap to racer in front
– Gap to racer behind
– Difference to position 1
– Number of laps completed/ to go

Launching series and availability

X2 Link will be introduced in partnership with selected series. The concept will be available in Europe and USA, other regions around the globe will follow later.

More info

Looking for more information? Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or contact us!

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