Launching the MYLAPS Drone Timing System!

One of the awesome things about drone racing is that basically, all you need is an empty parking lot or an open field and a couple of drones. Our drone system was made with this freedom and versatility in mind. Read more!

The MYLAPS Drone Timing System

We think drone racing is one of the coolest new sports around! It combines the skills and chaos of RC racing with flying. We are sure that drone racing will continue to develop for years to come. To support drone race fanatics, we have created a timing system to match the speed and maneuverability of race drones: the MYLAPS Drone Timing System!

More info about the system

The most advanced Drone Timing System

MYLAPS DR5 Transponder

The system consists of an updated version of the RC4 Decoder, which you can now use to time RC races and drone races. Already own an RC4 decoder? Update it to firmware version 4.5 and you will be able to use it for drone racing as well. You can easily switch between both sports types with a few simple clicks on the decoder.

DR5 Transponders

The system comes with rigid and lightweight transponders, which are mounted on the drones.

  • Every transponder has a unique number, so drone racers can be identified by the system.
  • All transponders send out a different signal, so an unlimited number of transponders can participate in a race simultaneously: no more video signal errors!

MYLAPS RC4 DecoderWith RC4 Decoder firmware 4.5 you can easily switch between Drone and RC Racing. To facilitate this change, new protocols have been introduced. These protocols make that RC4 Decoders with the 4.5 firmware are no longer compatible with MYLAPS RC2 Transponders.

Click here for a compatibility chart.

The RC4 Decoder upgrade to firmware 4.5 will be available for free for the rest of the year – so upgrade now!

Upgrade to Firmware 4.5

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