Introducing the new Orbits with improved Live Timing

A new version of the MYLAPS Orbits 5.2 Hotfix 1 has been released. This version offers new functionalities and improvements that will make timing at your races more convenient.

Introducing Orbits 5.2 HF1

Orbits 5.2 HF1 contains a few bug fixes (like better Windows 10 compatibility) and offers a whole new range of options for Live Timing.

With the new Speedhive Feed we take broadcasting live results to a next level:

  • Multiple sessions now listed under 1 event in MYLAPS Speedhive App
  • Your upcoming sessions displayed in the app
  • Improved performance in busy weekends
  • NEW! Speedhive Live Timing Web – Show your live results on a (full screen) website! Please note: This is a paid service.

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Important: When you use Live Timing in Orbits, you need to enable the Speedhive Feed again! You can find this option on the “Distribution tab” -> “Enable Speedhive Feed”.


Speedhive feed settings
Speedhive feed settings

Don’t wait, update now!

We recommend you to download and install Orbits 5.2 Hotfix 1 as soon as possible. Your current Orbits version will expire on October 1st 2017, after which this can’t be used anymore.

Are you a user of the beta version of Orbits 5.3 (for X2 Link)? Please keep using this version and do not install 5.2 Hotfix 1.



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