MYLAPS and MIRO AI partner up to offer new AI services

MYLAPS Sports Timing and Miro AI join forces to introduce new ground-breaking event services for sports events with the use of photo, video and artificial intelligence (AI).


MYLAPS and MIRO AI partner up to offer new AI services

This long-term partnership will result in new solutions and business models for events to enhance the event experience for athletes, fans and sponsors. This will be announced later this week at the European Running Business Conference, in Prague.

MYLAPS is the inventor of automated sports timing and leader in live performance insights. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in the United States, China, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. US-based with offices in Asia, Miro AI is a startup that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to empower sports events, brands and athletes. Both parties agreed on MYLAPS being the only sports timing manufacturer working with Miro.

BrandScan: New service to analyze athlete brand preferences at sports events
One of the new services, BrandScan, uses event photos and videos to analyze the shoes and apparel of all event participants. Combined with demographics and performance, BrandScan provides one-of-a-kind brand insights. In addition, Miro’s AI technology will also be used to improve the existing MYLAPS PhotoVideo service, creating a more personalized experience for athletes.

Ultimate experience for athletes, fans and sponsors
‘We are excited to join forces with the global leader in sports timing’, says Taylor Host, CEO of Miro AI. ‘Over 20 million people participate in MYLAPS-timed events each year and we believe our software can open up a whole new world of possibilities to optimize the event experience.’

Camiel Slaats, CEO MYLAPS:
‘At MYLAPS innovation is in our DNA. We are convinced our partnership with Miro AI will help us to bring new ground-breaking innovations to the sports industry. We strongly believe in solutions supporting events to enhance their experience. Our EventApp is the most complete app in the industry and together with our integrated PhotoVideo innovation, we again raised the bar. All of this based on our proven timing technology, the fundament of our company.’

About Miro
Miro AI is a growing technology startup based in the United States that uses computer vision and deep-learning to identify athletes, gear and brand preferences in sports content. Since launching in April 2017, Miro AI’s proprietary software has indexed and analyzed over 4 million athletes for sports events across the globe.



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