X2 Driver ID

The X2 Driver ID brings racers together. Now with the all new X2 Driver ID you can record the racing times of multiple drivers separately. Simply press the button of the X2 Driver ID to send X2 Transponder based driver changes information from the vehicle to the timekeeper.

Drive with 5 different racers

Now there is no need to use complicated timing methods to time multiple drivers in the same race. The all-new X2 Driver ID can be used to identify up to 5 different drivers, making it perfect for endurance racing.

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How does the X2 Driver ID work?

The X2 Driver ID is an easy to use device. Once you’ve made sure that the Driver ID is connected to your transponder and mounted to the dashboard, then all it takes is the press of a button.


When you changing drivers press the button once to display the next number ID, now the X2 transponder will send all the data of the new driver to the timekeeper.

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See the X2 Driver ID in action:

The Driver ID is mounted on the dashboard and set to number 1, the first driver.


What’s in the box?

The X2 Driver ID is available for both the Direct Powered MYLAPS X2 transponder and the MYLAPS X2 Pro transponders.

Simplify your timekeeping today with the brand-new X2 Driver ID.

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