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X2 Race Control

X2 Race Control is a fully integrated solution, including FIA & FIM homologated Light Panels, to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time data (GPS location, vehicle data) to help you improve your race control.


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Be in Control   Sports: ✔  Closed Circuit Racing

There’s nothing more exciting than motorsport: pushing the limits of vehicles, drivers, and racing officials. We all know this is not without risk. That’s why we have developed X2 Race Control, a fully integrated solution to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time data (GPS location, vehicle data) to help you raise the safety of personnel and racers.

The way in which Race Control responds to a dangerous situation is vital to reduce injury and mechanical damage. MYLAPS, the inventor of automated sports timing, introduces X2 Race Control: the next level in Race Control that can be used as stand-alone solution or integration with your MYLAPS timing system. X2 Race Control is a powerful add-on to your marshalling staff.

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X2 Race Control is a modular system, meaning that you can select the components that suit the needs of your circuit.

You can choose from the following X2 Race Control options:

X2 Race Control 35


X2 Race Control 36


X2 Race Control 38

Advanced Track Management

X2 Race Control 37

Live Data

Trackside Solution Components

The beating heart of X2 Race Control. All components are connected to and controlled from this core device. Available in Club and Pro housing.

Software to improve your Race Control. This software comes in 3 versions:

  1.  X2 Race Control Setup to manage your X2 Link setup (free)
  2.  X2 Race Control Manager to manage your Race Control (yearly fee)
  3.  X2 Race Control Manager Pro to manage your Race Control in an X2 Pro environment (yearly fee)

The BaseLink sends out radio frequency signals, which are picked up by the X2 RaceLink antennas mounted on each vehicle. The BaseLink is installed at the start/finish line, on a position with a maximum line of sight, for instance on top of a finish arch. This will ensure an optimized wireless connection with the RaceLink installed on the vehicles.The BaseLink connects to the LoopBox, which also powers the BaseLink. The Ethernet port connection to the LoopBox ensures a high-quality signal.

Multi BaseLink setups

With a Multi BaseLink setup, you can cover the complete track, no matter what size, height difference, and terrain. Several X2 BaseLinks can be linked together and controlled by race control. Depending on the layout, environment, and location the number of X2 BaseLinks required may vary.

  • Full GPS tracking coverage
  • Live results updates at the complete track

X2 Multi BaseLink setup | MYLAPS

X2 Multi BaseLink and SDK 4.0

With the new X2 Server Firmware 4.0 and SDK 4.0 it is  also possible to create a GPS tracking feed in your own, custom-built software.

MYLAPS X2 BaseLink

Shows flag signals along the track. All common flags (green, red, yellow, safety car, oil slick, etc.) are available. The X2 LED Panels are homologated by the FIA & FIM for Grade 2 circuits and lower grades.



High-end controller for marshalls to manage flag signals on X2 LED Panels. Fully compliant with FIA regulations. The controller has a clear view on current, previous and upcoming flag status. Durable design with easy to control buttons.

  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Optional component

In-Vehicle Solution Components

Allows live tracking and live speed of all vehicles (also safety vehicles).

The Racelink Club is used for live tracking of all vehicles, speed measurement, and it has integrated LED panel for on-board flag signals for drivers

Enables racers, teams, broadcasters, and scrutineers to stream live 2-way data via RF over CAN Bus, like results, tire pressure, RPM, balance of performance, rev, cockpit temperature, battery status. Also allows live tracking of all vehicles.

The X2 LED Bar shows safety flags as communicated through RF by RaceControl. It is an add on to marshals flagging. The X2 LED Bar functions in combination with the X2 RaceLink Club or X2 RaceLink Pro.

  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Flexible component

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Download the free X2 Race Control brochure

Learn everything about MYLAPS X2 Race Control in this online brochure. Download your free copy today and find information about:


✔  The Race Control solution that suits you best
✔  How you can improve safety at your track
✔  Product specifications

Be in Control


Do more and be in full control of your circuit with X2 Race Control.

  • Enhanced safety protocols for both participants and circuit personnel
  • Reduce costs, e.g. from improved allocation of circuit personnel during day-to-day operations
  • Lower liability risks with accurate, time-stamped recording of incidents, reduced ‘human factor’ errors
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, e.g. to ensure future FIA/FIM Grading
  • Security of a one-stop Race Control solution with a trusted partner


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Want to take your Race Control to the next level?
Learn in less than 70 seconds what X2 Race Control is all about and how it can improve the race operations at your track. Simply click the video below!

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Race Control Solutions

X2 Race Control is a modular system, this means that you can pick the solution that suits the needs of your circuit the best.
X2 Race Control 35


The tracking module in X2 Race Control gives you insight into the position of every vehicle on the track.

Learn more
X2 Race Control 36


Provide extra warning to drivers for dangerous situations by showing flag signals in the vehicle and trackside.

Learn more
X2 Race Control 37

Live Data

Live 2-way communication between vehicles, race control, teams, broadcasters, and scrutineers.

Learn more

Whether you just want to track the live positions of all racers on the track or want the full X2 Race Control experience with live 2-way communication, there is a solution for every circuit to be in control.

Below you will find the main feature differences for each X2 Race Control package.



Access to X2 Link Servers, either through MYLAPS X2 Race Control Manager software, or through a third-party application, is through the API (Application Programming Interface).

An API Licence is required with every X2 Link Server –  independent of race control software used.  The API Licence cost is standard to all X2 Link Servers and Users, and includes:

X2 Link API license key 1-year

  • Limited to 1 X2 Link Server for 1 company
  • Patches, hotfixes and updates included
  • Automatic data sharing with MYLAPS for diagnostic purposes
  • Includes X2 Race Control Setup* and X2 Link Simulator utilities

X2 Link API support

  • Remote integration support (max 10 hours per year)
  • 8/5 helpdesk support
  • Full warranty
X2 Race Control 44

Live Tracking and more

Follow the live positions of all participants in addition to safety vehicles, ambulances, recovery vehicles, and safety cars. Monitor speed in restricted areas with live (GPS) speed.

Enhance the race experience for spectators by broadcasting live vehicle positioning and speeds on trackside screens.


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On-board and trackside marshalling

Send on-board and trackside flagging information instantly to everyone at the same time with the X2 RaceLinks and X2 LED Panel.

  • Send all common flags to vehicles on the track, including green, yellow, red and finish
  • Flagging via integrated or external LED Bars or Dashboards
  • Replicate all Track, Sector and Personal Flags trackside
  • The X2 LED Panels are homologated by the FIA & FIM for Grade 2 circuits and lower grades.
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X2 Race Control 27
X2 Race Control 59

Send and Receive Live Data

  • Get insights in race and vehicle performance
  • Pit crew can monitor individual and overall performance during the race
  • Open CANbus for 2-way communication (Tire Pressure / Rev / Balance of Performance / Cockpit temperature / Battery Management)
  • Zoom in on specific racers to see live speed and vehicle performance to help scrutineering and ensure fair play (speed limits: code 60, virtual safety car, pit speed)
  • Broadcast live data to spectators, online followers & pit crews

Be in control of your track

Want to take your Race Control to the next level? X2 Race Control can be used as stand-alone solution or can be integrated with your MYLAPS timing system.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

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