Virtual Racing in the EventApp

With the ultimate Virtual Racing solution participants can do their own race at their own pace and time it with the MYLAPS EventApp. Participants race each other at their own location, but they are placed on the offical course map of the event and automatically ranked by their results.

Virtual, Real-Life or Hybrid Events with the EventApp

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Are you expecting high demand for virtual events or hybrid events with both real-life participants and virtual? MYLAPS now launches the ultimate and only solution that can do both! We can combine real-life timing data with virtual GPS based timing data. Allowing athletes to race each other on the official or imaginative course map from anywhere in the world!

With most public sports events cancelled or postponed, virtual racing has become a popular alternative and with the Virtual Racing feature we have a great solution to support you with a platform for virtual events.

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How does it work


The benefits of VirtualRacing

  • Organize virtual races on your official course map
  • Boost your event registrations by combining real-life with virtual races
  • LiveTracking on the course map with GPS
  • Auto-finish and submit of result when race is completed
  • Single communication and data platform for an event
  • Supports unlimited number of participants
  • Enhances the virtual event experience
  • Extensive sponsor value
  • Full control over your App through Event CMS
  • Automated results calculation in EventCMS
  • Dedicated development and support team
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How to use VirtualRacing?

How to use VirtualRacing?

1. Build Event App: and customize it to look and feel of your event
2. Share information: On your website, social media platforms, registration site or others.
3. Prepare to race: Claim your bib and enable GPS on your phone
4. Run: Athletes complete the virtual race
5. Result Submission: Results are automatically submitted with split times and pace information
6. Selfie for social sharing: Athlete takes a selfie picture with an overlay of their finish time, to share it on social media
7. Publish Results: In Sporthive Event Results or connect your own results platform to the App

”The MYLAPS Virtual EventApp provided a quick and effective way for us to communicate with 20,000 Credit Union Cherry Blossom entrants who were suddenly faced with converting to a Virtual Run after our physical event was cancelled due to COVID-19.”


– Phil Stewart, Event Director of Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

”In view of the inconvenience we are experiencing due to COVID-19, I would like to express our satisfaction with the use of the MYLAPS Virtual Racing. The use of the platform is motivating our customers and athletes and bringing brand exposure through virtual races and consequently generating some financial resources for our company.”


– Daniel Costa, Contime Brasil

Customizable design

All of the features available to customize your EventApp for VirtualRacing:

  • Customize your app
  • Targeted content for important Virtual Racing info

  • Platform to Submit Time
  • Sponsor impressions

  • Social media
  • Unlock finish time selfie to share

Customizable home-screen

Sponsor value in the app


App design:

  Push notification messaging
  Submit time via app while on the go
  Connection with social networks
  Take & share Selfies with customizable overlays


Information about Virtual Racing
Time submit access
Published results
Own and edit content
Sponsor impressions
Unlock finish time selfie to share

And more:

  Fully customizable
  Your brand, color etc.
  Easy to manage CMS
  Cloud-based scalable hosting

”The Virtual Racing EventApp gave us the ability to pivot at a moments notice to adjust and ultimately exceed our athletes expectations of what is possible. We can’t imagine having our events with out it.”


– Stephen DelMonte, Founder/CEO of DelMoSports/DelMoPRO

”The MYLAPS Virtual EventApp has ensured that our company maintains contact with our participants and allows us to find creative ways to continue providing a race experience that ensures brand loyalty through this tough period”


– Rammy Ramada, Aruba

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