MYLAPS Panels turn dunes blue on Children’s Day 2022

The Zandvoort dunes turned blue last Sunday in honor of World Children’s Day. The Circuit Zandvoort participated in the global annual day to promote awareness for children, where famous buildings and statues turn blue for the yearly UNICEF campaign in solidarity for children’s rights.


The blue light that can be seen on the X2 Race Control Panel is usually a sign for drivers to let a faster vehicle behind them pass, but on this day, the light panels were showing the UNICEF logo all over the track. This day was extra unique because the entire circuit lit up in blue, instead of the usual building or statue. World Children’s Day is an initiative from UNICEF, the world children’s right organization (part of the United Nations).

It adopted the international convention of the rights for children in 1989. The children’s rights treaty must assure that children can grow up safely and develop themselves optimally. We at MYLAPS are proud that we could be part of such a special day at the Zandvoort circuit.

More about the UNICEF action can be read here (in Dutch).




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