X2 Link

X2 Link makes live results available to racers on their on-board displays, whereas timers and race control are able to track live accurate positions of the vehicles to bring more safety and fair play to the track.
X2 Link


Live race data for all racing levels

X2 Link is an add-on to the existing X2 timing and data system. With this system MYLAPS fully empowers the goal to enhance track safety and to increase race experience for racers, pit crew and spectators. The benefits of X2 Link will be available for all racing levels.

Launching series and availability worldwide

X2 Link will be introduced in partnership with selected series. The concept will be available in Europe and USA, other regions around the globe will follow later.

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X2 Tracking: Easier regulation decisions & improved safety

Want to optimize track safety and improve your race control? With the X2 Tracking functionality of X2 Link the GPS positions of all vehicles (equipped with the X2 RaceLink) are visible in a desktop application for timers and race control.

  • Watch and replay positions of all vehicles on the track
  • Helps to improve regulation decisions based on vehicle’s GPS position
  • Find unrelated transponders on the track
  • Offers announcement info

X2 Link Tracking

X2 Results: Live race results on on-board displays while racing

Let your racers improve their tactics while racing! With X2 Link, racers can view valuable race data on their on-board display during the race.

Live Results on Your On-Board Display:

  • Official lap times
  • # of lap completed/to go
  • Position in race
  • Gap to racer in front
  • Gap to racer behind
  • Diff to P1


  • Live Results on displays
  • See transponder-based lap times during the race – official and accurate
  • Tactical overview of the race, live – different modes for practice/qualify, and race

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X2 Tracking, diagnostics and more in the Speedhive app


  • Guides you through installation process
  • Helps with registration & activation
  • System diagnostics
  • Account overview
  • Track coverage map
  • Configuration of CAN messages
Tracking feature
  • Live location on track
  • Selection of racers shown
  • Combined with timing data







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Track Infrastructure

The trackside infrastructure contains the following products:
  • X2 Server & Decoder
  • X2 Baselink
  • Orbits 5.3
  • Speedhive feed (data sharing & support purposes)

The Baselink sends and receives all RF communication as part of X2 Link allowing vehicles to receive:

  • Downlink timer information (live results)
  • Uplink location (GPS) information (tracking functionality)
X2 Multi BaseLink and SDK 4.0

With the  X2 Server Firmware 4.0 and SDK 4.0 it is also possible to create a GPS tracking feed in your own, custom-built software.

How does it work?

  • Antenna is installed at vehicle
  • Sends and receives race data via radio frequency to and from BaseLink
  • Data can be displayed on an external race display
  • Compatible with Unipro displays
  • RaceLink works in combination with X2 Transponders (Direct Power)

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Private: X2 Link components

X2 Link works with the X2 System. It consists of the X2 BaseLink, which is installed at the track, and the X2 Racelink, which is mounted on every vehicle.

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